Strawberry - Nootropic CBD
Strawberry - Nootropic CBD
Strawberry - Nootropic CBD
Strawberry - Nootropic CBD
Strawberry - Nootropic CBD

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Strawberry - Nootropic CBD

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The best CBD supplement has gotten even better with new ingredients that can support relaxation and recovery better than ever.

Each one scoop serving now contains:

  • CBD - 30mg
    • Zero THC CBD that can reduce anxiety and stress.  100% USA-sourced and GMP certified.
  • GABA - 100mg
    • Calming agent that may control anxiety, stress, or fear.
  • 5-HTP - 100mg
    • Helps raise serotonin levels that can support improved mood.
  • Lemon Balm - 100mg
    • Can reduce stress, help relaxation, and boost mood.
  • MCT Powder - 500mg
    • Can reduce lactate build-up and support ketosis for post workout recovery.


Professionals from the nutraceutical and fitness industries teamed up with one mission in mind—create the perfect relaxing and recovery supplement for people who aim to achieve their peak potential in work, fitness, or gaming. CHILL may also help anyone who has trouble with pain, anxiety, or depression

CHILL is revolutionizing the industry. It’s the first gaming supplement that uses premium relaxers that work along with CBD. In addition, it’s packed with vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy and hydrated.

We use proprietary technology that converts hemp extract into a flavorless powder that dissolves quickly in cold water and has little to no bitter aftertaste.


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MCT Powder (from coconut)

Reduce lactate build-up.

1 SCOOP: 500 MG

CBD Isolate (cbd isolate)

May provide relief from pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

1 SCOOP: 30 MG

Lemon Balm (lemon balm)

May reduce stress, help relax, boost mood.

1 SCOOP: 100 MG


Calming affect - may control anxiety, stress, or fear.

1 SCOOP: 100 MG


Helps raise serotonin levels - may result in positive effect on mood, anxiety, pain sensation

1 SCOOP: 100MG