Learn About Chill™

CHILL™ is a relaxer formula infused with CBD.

Professionals from both the nutraceutical and gaming industries teamed up with one mission in mind—create the perfect chill+relaxing supplement for people who game or compete in esports tirelessly. CHILL™ may also help anyone who has trouble with pain, anxiety, or depression

CHILL is revolutionizing the industry. It’s the first gaming supplement that uses premium relaxers that work along with CBD. In addition, it’s packed with vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy and hydrated.

We use proprietary technology that converts hemp extract into a flavorless powder that dissolves quickly in cold water, has no bitter aftertaste, and is highly bioaccessible.

The last key to CHILL was ensuring that we sourced our CBD from the best hemp we could find. We partner with small farms in Colorado that extract their CBD from organically grown industrial hemp. Lots of CBD sold in the United States is imported from China, which we wanted to be sure to avoid. Higher quality ingredients mean better products for the people we love.





Renowned experts in chemistry, formulation, and flavoring all played a part in the creation of CHILL. The base, which is a complex of premium relaxers and vitamins, was the result of months of R&D. After the prototype was formed it had to be rigorously analyzed, tested, and flavored until it was just right.


The primary reason gamers and professionals choose CHILL™ over other gamer centric drinks is because sometimes people just want to relax! We use premium relaxing ingredients and world-class, USA grown and harvested, CBD that can help improve mood and mental state.


Our sourced CBD is 2x more bioaccessible than products made with typical CBD. This means that more of our active ingredient is able to be absorbed by your body. The Micro-Encapsulation process coats CBD particles in a natural binding material, which allows the CBD to dissolve easily in cold water.


Leave all the hard work up to us. We designed CHILL™ to be great-tasting and easy to use. Simply: