CHILL™ – Triple Berry Wreck (Nootropic CBD)

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CHILL™ is a nootropic formula infused with CBD.

  • 20 Servings in one jar.
    *Contents sold by weight, not volume, some settling may occur.
  • 15mg of CBD per serving (scoop)
  • 100% all-natural coloring from fruit & vegetable juice powder

Drug Test Safe!

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CHILL™ is a nootropic formula infused with CBD.

Professionals from both the nutraceutical and gaming industries teamed up with one mission in mind—create the perfect chill+relaxing supplement for gaming, esports or anyone who has possibly has trouble with pain, anxiety, or depression.

CHILL is revolutionizing the industry. It’s the first gaming supplement that uses premium nootropics that work along with CBD. In addition, it’s healthier and more cost-effective than most sugary energy drinks.

We use proprietary technology that converts hemp extract into a flavorless powder that dissolves quickly in cold water, has no bitter aftertaste, and is highly bioaccessible.

The last key to CHILL was ensuring that we sourced our CBD from the best hemp we could find. We partner with small farms in Colorado that extract their CBD from organically grown industrial hemp. Lots of CBD sold in the United States is imported from China, which we wanted to be sure to avoid. Higher quality ingredients mean better products for the people we love.


20 Servings in one jar.
*Contents sold by weight, not volume, some settling may occur.

15mg of CBD per serving (1 scoop)
30mg of CBD per serving (2 scoop)



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Weight 4 oz
Reviews (38)

38 reviews for CHILL™ – Triple Berry Wreck (Nootropic CBD)

  1. Jarrod G. (verified owner)

    I love the taste and it is the best CBD product I have tried.

  2. Gage Brahe (verified owner)

    Quality product but the tub was half full which was disappointing. If you need more room for the scoop then just use a bigger container or another way to store the scoop

  3. PHYLLIS SANCHEZ (verified owner)

    I paid less than that. Surely the price hasn’t doubled? Other than that the Chill is the most amazing drink. It helps with my anxiety and helps me rest. I buy Chill 6-8 at a time. I was so sad when it was out of stock. This new flavor is awesome!

  4. Jaden Bishop (verified owner)

    The price seems steep and this flavor isn’t as good as the Dragonfruit kiwi.

  5. Jack (verified owner)

    Didn’t notice too strong of a CBD effect, but I love the flavor.

  6. Dusty (verified owner)

    I still haven’t received mine 🙁

  7. Alex K. (verified owner)

    The product is great, its helps after a long day of work to unwind. My only issue is that they dont fill up the container. I pulled the labele off and was just barely half of the container.

  8. John Gotheridge (verified owner)

    I wanna say that I think it tastes incredible. I felt some tension release across my body after drinking it and that’s honestly what I was hoping for. I was painfully aware after of how badly my joints hurt? I expect that is just another personal issue and not an issue of yours. Highly recommend all of your products

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    not worth the price, needs more servings then it would be better.

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Super tasty and helped me chill at the end of long work days. Really sets the mood for a relaxing gaming night but also keeps me sharp.

  11. Leon D. (verified owner)

    It’s great, no chalky aftertaste. Flavor is great, it definitely helps mellow me out.

  12. Matt (store manager)

    Great taste, dissolves perfectly, super chill relaxing feeling.

  13. Gregory (verified owner)

    I love products. I usually get the Focus but decided to try this. I was slightly worried that the flavor would be too sweet but after getting it and trying it its not overly sweet. I really enjoy this product and it’s flavor.

  14. Ahmad Wazirmas (verified owner)

    Great product so far. Tried the other Focus supplements and decided to give this one a try. Helped me stay calm and collected during gaming. I also saw an increase in better decision making while at work so I would highly recommend this product to anybody. The taste is great compared to the Korean Apple flavor and the Cherry Limeade that I’ve also had the pleasure of using for the past few months. One bad thing I have to say about not only this product but, all Advanced products is that the quantity inside the jars is just a bit underwhelming. Every jar I’ve gotten so far (3 in total) have been a little over half way full and for the price I would like to have more. Aside from that, great product, great taste, great results.

  15. Jaden Bishop (verified owner)

    I really enjoy the product and I I wish that the product was cheaper because the only way that I am able to buy it is due to the coupons.

  16. Dwayne Osmun (verified owner)

    The flavor tastes great. You can really feel the calming from using this product. I’ve already purchased this product multiple times and will continue to do so.

  17. nicholas b. (verified owner)

    Love the relaxing feeling it provides. Makes me injured hands feel better.

  18. Kasey Warren (verified owner)

    My favorite flavor out of the two. Would love more flavors for more variety. Also if there was an option for a bigger size I would buy it. Other than that it helps with relaxation tremendously! Would recommend it to anyone.

  19. Samantha (verified owner)

    I love this stuff for everyday use. The CBD absolutely helps me feel calm and level headed. I tend to get anxious when I’m gaming or playing something that requires a lot of focus and effort and this takes the edge off for me and allows me to just relax and take it easy. Only thing is, I think I prefer the dragonfruit kiwi more than this flavor.

  20. Adam N. (verified owner)

    Solid addition to the lineup

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This flavor is really good. Its something I enjoy drinking even before it kicks in. I personally need two scoops for it to work for me but it helps me relax so much which is needed in these times.

  22. steven fortmeier (verified owner)

    Great stuff

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome product that helps you relax

  24. Matthew (verified owner)

    Tastes like a real drink! I know that was a big concern for me was the taste but I haven’t been disappointed yet!

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Turned my pee red no joke scared the hell outta me spent a day at the doctors as confused as they were.

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good flavor, nice to just game and drink this and chill.

  27. Adam F. (verified owner)

    Great product. Absolutely love it. I keep 2 containers and reorder when one is empty. I can tell it definitely helps me relax during an evening gaming session

  28. David (verified owner)

    Really good flavor!

  29. Adam N. (verified owner)

    Sold addition to the lineup

  30. Michael (verified owner)

    Great taste and the effect feels nice.

  31. Joshua Roberson (verified owner)

    Flavor is very weak. I’ve had stronger berry flavored powders. Not satisfied with purchase.

  32. James M. (verified owner)

    Very mild but pleasant relaxation effect. A little expensive for how much you get.

  33. Tayler L O. (verified owner)

    Pretty good! Only down put even with two scoops a little less flavor then what i like.

  34. Richard (verified owner)

    This has got to be the best CBD delivery method on the market now. Taste is great!

  35. Andrew (verified owner)

    Absolutely LOVE Triple Berry Wreck Chill. The flavor is not overpowering and the taste is not chalky at all. It is a perfect compliment to some lengthy gaming sessions.

  36. Sean (verified owner)

    Gives me much needed chillness before bed

  37. Adam Fahncke (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the Chill supplement. I love the fact that it actually helps relax – and this is from someone with pretty aggressive anxiety. The formula to help relax just does the trick! The flavors are great as well. Absolutely enjoy every product including the Energy and Focus.

  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really helps me relax after a long day of engineering classes

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